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Exclusively for Heroic Box Owners Have you ever wondered how great it feels to own a DeFiHorse Box? Then this is the answer you need. God King – The Owner of DeFiHorse NFT Box: Incomparable power now belongs to YOU. Congrats, you’ve earned it with the super attractive Click2Earn concept – Earn easily only with […]


Look at perfect lines on this muscular body Every muscle hides incomparable power. HEROIC — a name that guarantees unparalleled strength in a powerful-muscle-built body- has always been the #1 choice of racers on the battlefield. Let’s admire his premium, powerful, and decisive movements on the Mutant racecourse with the video. And don’t forget to join […]


WHITELIST ENDED OFFICIAL WITH MORE THAN 2,000,000 ENTRIES. It’s not a dream. It is a chance nobody wants to miss in DeFiHorse-verse! By only ????300 Mystery Boxes???? sold with 3 different levels of rarity, DeFiHorse created a super outstanding event in the community recently with millions of registrations. However we only have a limited quantity: 300 available […]

The Heroic: Unparalleled Power of a Legend

The most popular of #DeFiHorse-verse, HEROIC is a trusted partner every hero needs on the battlefield. It’s a carefully selected horse breed for an impressive appearance, powerfully built muscle and unbelievable strength. Like firm ground, HEROIC supports its owners and takes them to every destination they want to go, even victory. HEROIC horses are highly liquid, […]

The Poseidon: Here comes the Ocean Storm

The name says it all – God of the Sea. THE POSEIDON carries in each movement the strength of the endless waves and the ocean fury. Like the magical life source, water, POSEIDON’S body can transform into various forms and the skin is a reflection of lights and colors. This bloodline attracts collectors because of its outstanding […]

The Chaos: The Rarest Bloodline

✯Carrying the universe’s energy, THE CHAOS has a body made of constellations and owns the power of The Black Hole. ✯Shining like the Northern Lights and a million stars in the sky, THE CHAOS creates a new galaxy with every step they run. ✯The rate of this bloodline is counted in parts per million. Children […]

The Titan: The Power of Creation

The steadiest metals undergo the treatment of fire. Named after the Titans, the powerful giant deities of mythology, the horse has an impressive body composed of hot coal and fire. TITAN owns the infinite power of creation, the core of forming new empires. By just one breath, they can fill the sea with mountains. With […]