DeFiHorse x CMC Airdrop has closed with a lot of outstanding milestones. Once again, thank you 6,500,000 racers all over the world for your enthusiastic participation. Our 5,000 NFT Boxes are on the way to your wallet.

First of all, check our winner list: and your ID. You are one of the first to own these treasures from Gods.

Note: DeFiHorse will publish a separate website for users to claim prizes and there will be an official announcement in the next few days. Keep following us to stay updated!*

Last but not least, don’t forget we’ll be having our very first NFT SALE of Heroic on 27/2/2022 at 1pm UTC! Don’t miss it out. Go to GLEAM*:* & join the Whitelist Race*!


Join us for more info: