DeFiHorse is proud to serve Heroic Box Holders with the best opportunity ever. Starting from now, with a simple click to stake your NFT box, you will stand for a chance to earn lots of benefits.

Step 1: Access the DeFiHorse page and connect your BSC wallet

1.1. Access

1.2. Select “CONNECT METAMASK”. A pop-up notification will be displayed to ask for your permission. Choose “Next”, then “Connect” and wait for your wallet to be connected.

Step 2: Click to Earn 

2.1. Choose your box — click to select your box

2.2. Choose your staking pool

Package Options:

1.5h (90minutes) earn 10 RR

15h earn 50 RR

36h earn 100 RR

2.3. Click approve and sign-on wallet.

After your wallet is approved, the “Approve” button will become the “Stake” button.

2.4. Click Stake and sign-on wallet. You will receive a notification when this process is done.

Now your box is farmed (available =0). After the locked farming period, you can claim your $RR rewards and NFT box back to your wallet.

Step 3 (optional) — Earn more with an upgrade plan

Want to receive more rewards. We offer different packages with great deals:

  • VIP: Pay 10,000 DFH to increase 20% earn
  • VVIP: Pay 20,000 DFH to increase 50% earn
  • VIP: Pay 50,000 DFH to increase 80% earn

3.1. Click approve and sign-on wallet.

3.2. Choose your plan to upgrade and click “Upgrade”. Sign-on wallet.

You will see your VIP level in the box after your wallet successfully approves.

Upgrade plan can be change anytime. Simply select your new plan and click “Upgrade”.

Should you encounter any difficulties, please contact our customer service at [email protected] or chat with our admins at Telegram chat: