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The DeFiHorse is a metaverse e-sport game based on Blockchain technology and NFTs, empowering the players and creators to the next level of the horse race. The DeFiHorse is a metaverse e-sport game based on Blockchain technology and NFTs, empowering the players and creators to the next level of the horse race.


When mankind has not forgotten the myth, Zeus and his brothers murdered and usurped the throne of their father – the Ancient Titan Krono. Suddenly, one day that story is re-enacted in human history more fiercely than ever…


Day 25 Month 12 Year 2099

Four big technology corporations at that time plot to overthrow the global government. For many years, they have been silently researching and monopolizing the most advance technologies: Gene Technology, Quantum Technology, Space-time Technology, Artificial Intelligence Technology.

When the four major corporations join forces, no government can resist. The whole world witnesses a fierce throne change.


Four great corporations rule humanity on top of the ivory tower like the four Gods that rule the top of Mount Olympus in the past. Inspired by the myth of Zeus and his brothers, they consider themselves the Gods of the New World. Every big corporation has a dream of hegemony. When there is no one left to fight, they fight each other. The parties are equally talented, victory compensates for defeat, resources and human resources are gradually depleted.


In the situation of concurrence, the four great presidents sit down for an agreement. A way to separate winners from losers without the need for bloodshed. A race between steeds – a proud pastime of the ancient Greek gods. They combine technology to create generations of bio-engineered steeds, as an affirmation of the creative power equal to the Holy Spirit. Whenever there is a dispute over resources or interests between corporations, a race will be held. The best jockeys – orphans after the war for the New World, will be escorted, detained, nd trained by the great corporations, ready for the races that affect the humanity’s destiny.


What the corporations do not expect – is the self-evolution of the steeds. Although bio-engineering with powers beyond human imagination, they evolve emotionally & begin to bond with those who ride them like the old flesh-and-blood horses. They confer on the rider both absolute loyalty and boundless power. And since then, groups of resistance fighters are formed, beating the big corporations on their own playing fields. Corporations, raise your eyes to see who is the Holy Spirit.

They are the winners!


The idea that 4 big corporations rule 4 key industries of technology will allow the image and theme of the racecourse to be fully explored. It could be the racetrack from the Zura to the multiverse (Space-Time), it can be the micro-nuclear racecourse, to the racecourse in the human body (Quantum & Biology), or even the racecourse of the elite robot jockey army (Artificial Intelligence).

The possibilities that can be explored are limitless.


Known as the ancestor of horses, born from the big bang. Possessing a body made of constellations, the hair color is shiny like the Northern Lights. Every step of Chaos creates a new galaxy.

Chaos is the rarest horse bloodline in DeFiHorse – Race of Ragnarok. The rate of raising this bloodline is counted in parts per million. Children of Chaos also inherit many advantages from Father – Mother and have a high value.


During the creation of the earth, the gods created the Titan Horse. The body is composed of elements in nature, the coat color represents each element. Wherever Titan went, sky, mountains and rivers were formed.

Titan is sought after by many collectors because of its moderate rarity, higher raising rate, and good market liquidity.


After the world was formed, the Titan horses chose to stay on earth and breed with each other to create the Poseidon breed. Each individual in the Poseidon breed has different characteristics, and is dominant in a certain area. Some have the power of thunder, some control the ocean…

Poseidon creates interest for collectors because of the variety of colors as well as the characteristics of each horse.


The most popular on earth, often brought into battle by heroes. Heroic is a carefully selected horse breed for appearance, muscle as well as health. A good horse will bring many advantages to its owner on the battlefield.

Heroic horses are highly liquid, easy to trade and crossbreed.



DeFiHorse is a Metaverse eSports game based on Blockchain technology and NFTs, empowering the players and creators to the next level of the horse race.

Not just a regular GameFi, DeFiHorse aims to become the world-leading horse racing platform, in which the highest power, luxurious quality and premium graphics are given to users.


Billions dollar cross-platform game: PC - Mobile


Addictive Horse Racing


Unstoppable Blockchain and NFTs Technology

The DeFiHorse is a metaverse e-sport game based on Blockchain technology and NFTs,

empowering the players and creators to the next level of the horse race.

It’s not just only a game…


that you can not find anywhere else.

The game brings you the gorgeous legendary horses to enter the limitless cyberpunk horserace. Overwhelming yourself in every minute of the battle, using your personal and teamwork skills to earn token rewards, and you will end up with a 1,000,000 dollar prize pool..

Trade it. Raise it. Earn it.

Create your supervillain with DeFiHorse.


During the race, in addition to horse breed and equipment, players can interact-in-time to help the horse change speed to improve the final result, bringing a sense of attraction during the game.


The revolutionized Horseverse allows racers to own/trade/rent land, stud farm, horses; organize horse races, breed horses, or trade other assets to earn the most benefit possible



Own/trade/rent lands
Build stud farms
Raise grass/food


Own/trade/rent stud farms
Breed horses
Feed horses


Own/trade/rent racehorse
Horse racing
Equip horse accessories


Own/trade/rent racecourses
Organize races
Earn race commission